One thing we have learnt this week

Has American driving peaked? The “Vehicle Miles Travelled” has fallen since a peak in 2005 and is at the same level as 1995.  Over this period the US population has climbed so it cannot be put down to lower population growth.   The number of licensed drivers in America is hardly increasing and the 16-34 age range are walking, cycling and using public transport more.  Is this trend going to continue?  Its too early to be sure.  More fuel efficient cars may lead to a bounce back as we describe in our book.  One thing is certain as I described in a post a few weeks ago the IEA is saying to be energy independent the US has to use less petrol.  Is the same thing happening here?  There are some signs it might be?, but car sales are increasing again (in the UK).  The biggest winner in terms of sales is the very efficient small city car class.  What do you think?


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