Englewood review of books gives “No oil in the lamp” a fantastic review

Englewood review of books is not something I had heard of until I became an author. Its well worth checking out for the shear volume of different stuff they review (in a very intelligent manner). Their only drawback is you will increase your book spending dramatically! Their web-page gives the reason for their existence.

“The Englewood Review of Books is a weekly book review published by Englewood Christian Church, Indianapolis. We review books that we believe are valuable resources for the people of God, as we follow the mission of God: i.e., the reconciliation of all things. The books we review are not necessarily books from the “Christian market,” and most of the books that we review will not be stocked in your local Christian bookstore.

Our friend, Shane Claiborne, likes to say that “Another World is Possible,” and indeed we hope that the books we review point toward a new world that is characterized by the justice and shalom of God.”

All I can say is what a great idea – a church whose mission is to review books. The review of our book can be seen here.


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