Resource volatility and high prices set to last

Resource volatility and high prices set to last. That was the message that was contained in a report from the the Green alliance a couple of weeks ago.  Over the last decade the price of oil, metals and food has soared. Look at this graph from their report.  The correlation between fuel and food prices is very tight.

The impact of this on our cost of living has been huge.  The Green alliance reckons that the combined energy bills would be half what they are today.  Food bills would be about 25% less. Of course as I have blogged before the poorest have been the most affected.

They reckon this resource volatility is set to continue with energy bills approximately doubling by 2020. The question is what to do about it?  They briefly come up with some ideas.  We could cross our fingers and hope for the best.  For example hope that if there is a food shortage other countries will continue to sell us food.  Or we can conserve energy and food and recycle more in the way of materials.

Whilst I don’t disagree with their conclusions I think they need to emphasize the community nature of our response more.  We need to cooperate to find a way through this crisis.  So for example setting up local food growing projects.  Sharing large ticket belongings more, we don’t all need to own everything we use.  Churches should be good at this but seem myopic about the gathering storm…  More ideas in our book.

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