One thing we have learnt this week – power cut

metersWe had a power cut last Sunday.  It was inconvenient and lasted less than an hour.  I cannot remember when the last one was although I remember it happening.  Probably two years ago at lunch time.  This power cut was on Sunday morning at breakfast.  It set me thinking.  What couldn’t I do that I could before it occurred?

  • I couldn’t finish my breakfast.  I had eaten one piece of toast and was about to make one more when the light went out.  I couldn’t do it under the grill since the gas cooker does not work without electricity.
  • I couldn’t have the light on (not vital since it was quite bright outside).
  • I could not have the heating on.  It had been cold overnight but was bright and the house warms up fast under such conditions. So I did not have the heating on anyway.
  • I could only partially shave.  I have recently bought a new razor since the foil mount on the old one was on the way out.  All new razors (annoyingly I felt at the time) have built in rechargeable batteries even if they are mains powered.  This seemed like a good idea now but it ran out before I’d finished.  Luckily I have a grooming shaver which although slow finished the job.
  • I could not use the internet to post to the book’s FB page or check my email.  Not vital.
  • Our solar PV panels were down so no power for us or the grid.  They disconnect when the grid is down and switch off.
  • I could read my print bible, pray and read my newspaper and these I did.

Its impossible to find any information on a power cut.  I don’t know why it happened or how extensive it was.  In a perverse way I was hoping it would affect church.  No overly loud rock type music, no overhead, no lighting (and the building is dark), no heating and great difficulties delivering a sermon in a large building.  However, the church building is 300 years old and our forefathers managed to do church without electricity.  It would make the church think.

Finally it made me think of all the places in the world that have to manage with power cuts on a regular basis and how dangerous and debilitating it is.  It also made me wonder whether the UK will have enough power to prevent power cuts.  So far 25% renewable electricity is not causing problems but the closure of so much old kit so fast may lead to a shortage of capacity.



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