edible weeds

Many weeds are edible weeds although this is not widely known.  Faced with an epidemic of two weeds in particular I thought I had better put this edible weeds theory in practice and try and eat my way to controlling them.  This I would add was after researching about them on the internet.  Please don’t just launch in and eat anything you find, there is a lot of stuff that is poisonous, even if it is less in common plants than I thought.  Another thing to watch is that you don’t forage something rare.  There have been mushroom foraging bans in several parts of England due to their rarity.  However the edible weeds I am talking about are not rare and never will be.

The first is the dandelion.  See pic below.  Said to be high in antioxidants and vitamins A, C and K (sky high) as well as some other useful compounds.  The mature leaves are said to be a bit bitter.

DSC_2304 The second of the edible weeds is ground elder.  See pic below.  Again lots of minerals and vitamins.


Introduced to the UK by the Romans and related to the carrot the stuff is a grade A gardening nightmare.  The Romans didn’t introduce it for its beauty (see pic) they considered it a delicacy.  Again eat the young leaves.  Its said to taste a bit like spinach.  After checking it was not poisonous (honest) I cooked it as I would spinach for the wife.  It did not go down well.  This time with both plants I cut the leaves up loosing the tougher veins and fry them in a spicy chicken dish and in risotto.  To be honest I could not taste them, but hopefully the benefits of the vitamins A and K will still be there.  C is destroyed by cooking.


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