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Please fill in the poll on the right hand side and let us know why you are here. Neil

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Bristol Pound

Congrats to the Bristol Pound launched today.  It made it onto BBC Radio 4’s “You and Yours”.  This the biggest one yet, at least in the UK. Neil

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I’m surprised by many of the responses to this article.  I don’t think Mr Tudge is suggesting we should all go back to making candles and growing wild flowers.  [Any nostalgia for the past can be swiftly dispelled by a … Continue reading

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Recycling and consuming at once!

Edinburgh council is great at recycling, but you need to make an effort. We kept missing the weekly recycling pick up, our boxes got broken or stolen and we were angry they were thinking about picking up rubbish every 2 … Continue reading

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Oil dependency

Guardian sustainable business blog has a slightly vague but potentially interesting entry today (its first in a series) on designing sustainability into products. This set me thinking can anyone see anything near them that is not oil derived or dependent? … Continue reading

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Andy’s guest blog

Andy made a guest blog on another blog “Big Circumstance”, (we know where that title came from).  Anyway the blog can be seen here and the blog site itself is worth a regular visit.

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Sea ice reaches thinnest ever extent

Sea ice reaches thinnest ever extent. Perhaps this is why we should bother, although the article is not for the faint hearted. PS what brought you to the site? Please tell us using the poll on the right, it won’t … Continue reading

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Why bother?

Why bother? It’s too hard all this environmental stuff, and I don’t want to change anyway. Things will be sorted by the time my kids grow up, I know they’ll have invented a new type of energy or found a … Continue reading

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Link to post on “make wealth history”

Jeremy on make wealth history has a link to an interesting short video made by the Post carbon institute. Rather than re-post the video, I’ve put the link up. Its a response to the so called death of peak oil. … Continue reading

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Wood pile

Here is one of my wood piles. I’ve got wood stored seemingly everywhere at the moment.  All scrap or trees that people wanted felled.  Two major sources of wood this year were from church and another one a late neighbour … Continue reading

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